Fueled by Love and Good for You!

We offer fresh rotating meals so you never get bored with your food. These meals are packed full of healthy macronutrients so you can reach your personal body goals.


  • Michelle Lombard
    Awesome for the working mom. Gives me quick healthy options. No more burgers or frozen micro meals for me!
    Michelle Lombard
  • Danny G.
    Just finishing up my 3rd (maybe 4th) week of meals and they are all amazing! They taste great and the portions are perfect! Shelby is easy to communicate with and lets you know on Sunday when your meals will be ready and even has an option for delivery. She is also open to any modifications you want. For instance, I'm not a fan of seafood so I have yet to get one with my meals! With my busy schedule I don't have time to grocery shop yet alone actually cook, so she has been a life saver! You won't regret getting your meals with her!
    Danny G.
  • Adrian M.
    I lost 10 lbs the first two weeks of eating these meal preps. The Food tastes amazing! My energy is up and my cravings are down. Thank you for making my life easier and healthier.
    Adrian M.
  • Samia Z.
    Had an amazing experience with Fueled by Love. Food was great just had warm up and it was ready to eat. I only eat kosher or halal meat due to my religious views. They were supportive and made special orders to accommodate to my needs. I would totally recommend to all of my friends
    Samia Z.
  • Joe B.
    This is by far the very best healthy food I've ever had. The flavor of the ground turkey, the freshness of the tilapia, and spice of the chicken makes it all worth it! Shelby was so easy to work with, she designed a meal plan to help me achieve my goals.. Oh should I mention, her prices are very affordable.
    Joe B.
  • Malachi G.
    Met the owner whom is an awesome young lady she is now my meal prep lady Fueled by love is great. Healthy and great tasting food all in one. I definitely recommend this company if you're looking to fuel your body with the healthy ingredients it needs.
    Malachi G.
  • Vanessa B.
    Shelby Love is such a great cook, you can taste the time and consideration she puts into each recipe whether it's vegan or non vegan. Her prices are reasonable and the food is always fresh. I went from dreading a new healthier lifestyle to waiting with anticipation for my meals each week. I honestly have no complaint. The meals are presented with a carefully effortlessness and portioned to avoid waste at all cost. If you give Fueled by Love a try you will not have one single regret.
    Vanessa B.
  • Michael H.
    I've tried many meal prep services due to always being busy and on the go and this by far is the best I've ever had. The food is nutritious, taste amazing, and the prices are very reasonable. It's a must try!
    Michael H.
  • Matthew A.
    Fueled By Love has been preparing my meals for about 4 weeks now and they are hands down the best prepped meals I have had yet, not only is she reasonably priced they are full of flavor. In the 4 weeks she has helped me commit to eating clean I have lost 9 pounds.
    Matthew A.
  • Chris W..
    I have been into fitness and eating healthy for over 20 years and this is hands down the best meal prep that I have come across in the Austin round rock area.
    Chris W..
  • Carla L..
    Shelby knows how to cook! Healthy, flavorful food and reasonably priced. Give her a try! 🙂
    Carla L..
  • Antoinette M.
    Shelby is wonderful! Our family recently moved from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX this winter and I reached out to her in advance so that we could have a smooth transition of healthy eating while moving into our new home. Shelby is super communicative, flexible, understanding, and quick to respond to any texts or emails. Her meals taste delicious and are packaged very professionally in containers with labels. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone in need of eating clean or having someone to meal prep while you live your busy life. Thank you Shelby!
    Antoinette M.
  • Michael S.
    One of my preferred choices for prep food. The food is Simply Delicious, on point, just in time, the right price. Check it out for yourself.
    Michael S.
  • Brennon I.
    I'm on my 2nd week of meals from Shelby they have all been tasty and in convenient packages. I considered going with one of the online companies that deliver frozen food so glad I changed my mind and went with Shelby she's local, everything is fresh and delicious plus she delivers! No need to even leave the house. She has been very responsive to my text and accommodating on my food preferences as I don't like beef or seafood. I no longer have to go grocery shopping & cook. I recommend Shelby to anyone who wants to try a meal prep service.
    Brennon I.
  • Jared W.
    Switched over to Fueled by Love a few months back and have been very pleased. The food is great, the offerings diverse, and it's perfect if you're on any type of plan where you need to hit your macros. Shelby is also very responsive any time you shoot her a question or a request. All in all, great experience.
    Jared W.
  • Eugene M.
    The food has been great and she is very accommodating of food preferences. The food is fresh and flavorful and a good portion. Shelby also provides excellent customer service about when your food will be ready.
    Eugene M.
  • Emily L.
    I have been enjoying the food from Fueled by Love for a few weeks and we are both loving the foods and happy on the scale!
    Emily L.
  • Suave P.
    These meals from Shelby are absolutely delicious especially the Flank Steak & Sweet Chili Ground Beef! Meals are always made on time & I will definitely continue to buy my meals here.
    Suave P.
  • Lisa M.
    If you're looking for a healthy, clean, tasty, convenient, fresh meal this is it. Fueled by Love takes the guess work out of "what's for dinner?". We can't wait to try all of the meals. I did mention that we are not big fans of seafood and we were accommodated with food that we like. Big thumbs up
    Lisa M.
  • Dwayne H.
    Fueled by Love has great quality food and great customer service I would highly recommend this company to anybody in the Austin, round rock, Georgetown, cedar park, Hutto, Manor, Elgin area The meals are also reasonably priced for the quality and convenience for the great service offers
    Dwayne H.
  • Ray C.
    I recently signed up for this meal delivery service and so far the food has been absolutely delicious. I recently started a new job so I haven't had time to focus on cooking or even eating healthy. Fueled by Love has been a life saver for me. Every meal is extremely healthy, low in fat, and tastes really good. The service has also been fantastic and the owner is extremely accommodating with delivery details. Recommend 100%!
    Ray C.
  • Krystle Z..
    This will be my third week of getting meals from Shelby. I can't say enough great things about how good the food taste. She makes eating healthy very easy and simple to order.
    Krystle Z..
  • Bolden H.
    I would recommend anyone who struggles with meal prep, nutrition, training for a competition, finding time to cook healthy meals, or just doesn't like to cook, to check out Fueled by Love. The meals are super convenient, tasty and healthy.
    Bolden H.
  • Kat S.
    I can't say enough good things about Shelby and her food! Everything she makes tastes great, and she is very accommodating of food preferences. The food is fresh and flavorful and speaks for itself, but Shelby also provides excellent customer service that goes above and beyond what I even expected. As a stay at home mom who recently returned to work it has been a lifesaver in helping me stay on track with my healthy eating. I've tried many other meal prep services over the years, but I usually get tired of the food pretty quickly because it lacks variety. With Shelby's meals that is definitely not the case! Shelby you are a lifesaver
    Kat S.
  • Bern O.
    My first time trying out this service, so far I'm loving it. Shelby gives great service and can accommodate if you're a vegetarian. 🙂
    Bern O.
  • Duncan M.
    Anyone who trains with a purpose can tell you: You cannot "out-train" a bad diet. Period. Full stop. What you do in the gym matters, but what you do in the kitchen matters just as much...or more. Macro counts, micro-nutrients, "eating to your blood type," ketogenic diets...there are so many options out there these days and it's easy to lose the message in the noise. What Shelby has done, and continues to do, is take the mystery out of meal prep and made it accessible and understandable for all. Want to gain lean mass? Eat this. Want to drop extra body-fat? Eat this. Shelby doesn't do ANYTHING halfway, and she keeps it simple. Do yourself a favor: If you are serious about training...and I mean COMMITTED...to a healthier you...do yourself a favor and give Shelby a call. You'll be glad you did. You owe it to yourself!!!
    Duncan M.
  • Tejasbir S.
    I have been using Shelby's superior and healthy cooking skills for a few months now and I can say I LOVE it! She makes delicious and tapered to my needs food, which has made eating healthy and getting in shape that much better. I don't waste my Sunday's grocery shopping and meal prepping anymore. Highly recommend her services. Thanks Shelby!.
    Tejasbir S.
  • DIllion I.
    These meals are great! The owner is very professional and works around your needs. Highly recommend if youre in a pinch and cant prep or just want delicious clean meals.
    DIllion I.
  • Sonny Singh
    I never thought eating this healthy could be this enjoyable.All the meals were bomb.com!
    Sonny Singh

All recipies are 100% vegan until protein choice is added

Love your Health

Enjoy knowing you will have a healthy & nutritional meal that is packed with lean proteins and a balance of slow and fast burning carbs. The best part is you didn’t have to cook a thing!