Sweet and Tangy Meat Loaf

Lean ground beef or lean ground Turkey Sweet & Tangy Meat Loaf paired with Crispy Broccoli drizzled with olive oil & Whole Red Potatoes.

Lean Ground Turkey Italian Zucchini Boats

Lean Ground Turkey covered in Italian Sauce & nestled in Crispy Zucchini Boats & topped with Parmesan Cheese.

Fueled by Love and Good for You!

We offer fresh rotating meals so you never get bored with your food. These meals are packed full of healthy macronutrients so you can reach your personal body goals.

All recipies are 100% vegan until protein choice is added

Love your Health

Enjoy knowing you will have a healthy & nutritional meal that is packed with lean proteins and a balance of slow and fast burning carbs. The best part is you didn’t have to cook a thing!.