-The menu on this website is only a sample menu of the meals you might receive.
-Meals are always prepped fresh on Sundays (1 delivery) and Wednesdays (if you get 2 deliveries).
-All food allergies, sensitivities, and special accommodations must be given, discussed, and agreed upon before placing your first order.
-Flank steak and Tuna steaks are prepared medium well for best reheating results unless requested and agreed upon otherwise.
-Fueled by Love does not guarantee weight loss, only exercise and a consistent diet can.
-All meals are prepared in a kitchen where cross-contamination may occur but we strive diligently to ensure this doesn't happen.
-The meals are selected by Fueled By Love weekly and are changed up weekly as well to keep things from getting boring.
-Everyone will receive a variety of the weekly menu.


-Sunday's delivery window is 6:00-9:00 pm (anyone who purchases 1-5 days' worth of meals).
-Wednesday's delivery window is 5:00-7:00 pm (anyone who purchases 6-7 days' worth of meals).
-The drivers will send a text to the number you provide us when they are on the way to you.
-If for any reason you won’t be home, please leave a large cooler with a thin layer of ice outside your door and let the driver know if it is ok to place your bags inside.
-The drivers are a third-party company so they are not able to stand around waiting and will leave the meals outside if they do not get a response or you won't be home in the delivery window time frame, please be mindful of this during these time frames.
-Spoiled meals because you are not home during the delivery window will NOT be refunded or replaced!


-No Dairy is used in the recipes.
-All recipes are 100% vegan prior to protein and cheese choices being added at the end and after vegan dishes are sealed and bagged.
-All foods that are prepared in the ovens are prepared using disposable pans so that there is never cross-contamination.
-Vegan dishes are prepared first to prevent animal product cross-contamination.
-All meats are cooked on an outside smoker so vegan dishes never come in contact.
-All non-disposable dishes and pans are run through a 3-step sanitation process prior to the final dishwashing process.


-Contact us via website or via text (512)368-8533 to ensure all questions and concerns are answered.
-A customized invoice will be sent via email using square.
-Invoices must be paid no later than Wednesdays by noon in order to get your first delivery that upcoming Sunday.
-If paid after this time frame you will get your first delivery the following Sunday.
-A FOUR Week minimum order is required.


-Refunds are NOT offered!
-The supplies are purchased for your four weeks of meals once your payment is processed.
-If for any reason, you can not complete your four weeks, you may gift your remaining meals (the package originally purchased will remain the same) to someone in the Austin area.
-If you have to go out of town unexpectedly, meals can be placed on hold for no more than 2 weeks in a 4-week period (consecutive or separated).

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